The state to support with money business engaged in science

The Government will provide grant assistance to Kazakhstan businessmen, engaged in scientific development. It was informed by Gomar Kazhenkov, Coordinator of “Fund of Science” JSC, during the round table with domestic entrepreneurs and system-forming enterprises in Pavlodar, the correspondent of MIA Kazinform reports.

Coordinator of “Fund of Science” JSC Gomar Kazhenkov said that in 2016 the organization became the operator of grant financing for the development of commercialization projects. “To date, innovation is the key to success. Without the introduction of science into development, no production will be able to compete further even within the CIS. Therefore, since last year, the Government has been active in this regard, ” added Gomar Kazhenkov.

He recalled that a special law on commercialization of developments was issued. “A lot of money will be allocated now, so that science can be useful for business. Developments must be applied, and must be initiated from industry. Science will work on specific problems that exist in industry. The sum of money is 300 million tenge for one grant. Science itself can not implement such large projects. The applicant must be a scientific organization with its own development, and it will be implemented in enterprises. As a result of last year, out of 31 projects a business is present in 24. We encourage you to actively participate in the implementation of these projects. Moreover, we hope to work closely with “NADLoC” JSC, since, enterprises that want to stay afloat and stay competitive have to work with science, “said Gomar Kazhenov.

According to Dmitry Usov, Deputy Chairman of JSC NADLoC, after the accession to WTO and EEU, new approaches of support are being developed. He recalled that on February 3, 2017, at an enlarged meeting of the Government, the Head of State instructed to increase the local content at each major enterprise of the country and, to establish specific target indicators in conjunction with the business for increasing the local content on each large enterprise.

In this regard, NADLoC conducted a detailed analysis of demand for goods needed for technological process of large companies, and studied the potential of domestic commodity producers in Pavlodar region.

At the end of the round table, Dmitry Usov promised that NADLoC will send a list of goods of constant demand to producers. Manufacturers should carefully study it and indicate the goods that are not yet produced, but are ready to realize it with a help of modernization.

“We need this in the near future in order to include you in the list of those companies with whom we will work directly. The akimat and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs were involved in this work. We will assign a specific employee for each enterprise that is in this list, ” Usov said.

The organizer of the event, at which the further development of import substitution program in the procurement of large backbone enterprises was discussed, was ” National Agency for Development of Local Content “NADLoC” JSC of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Pavlodar akimat, Atameken regional chamber, Kazakhstan Machinery Manufacturers Union, “Fund of Science” JSC, KAZMinerals, Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Eurasian Group LLP, Kazzinc LLP, as well as representatives of more than 20 domestic enterprises Pavlodar and Pavlodar region, which are ready to manufacture new products.

Within the framework of the meeting, participants visited the production sites of domestic producers of Pavlodar. They are “KazEnergoKabel” JSC and “Pavlodar electrode plant” LLP.