The company proposes to create a multifunctional site in Astana.

Atameken hosted a meeting of Nurzhan Altaev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of NCE RK Atameken and Mr. Li Hongxian, President of the China electronic trading platform Jumore. The head of the company Jumore said that they are interested in opening a multifunctional trade and logistics complex in Astana. The complex will have to include a logistics hub, a financial center for securing transactions between the parties and a shopping center. The clients will be provided with certification and customs clearance services. Jumore is an electronic trading platform. Since 2019, the company will begin to implement its plans to open such multifunctional trade and logistics centers in different countries around the world. A similar center will also be open in China. In 2019, the One-Belt -One Way Summit will be held in Xi’an (China) and Jumore plans to open an off-line trade complex there.

This is part of the strategy to expand the scope of activities. Jumore is one of the first companies dealing with cross-border e-commerce in the B2B format (business with business). As Mr. Li Hongxiang noted, in the near future, as early as August of this year, Jumore is also beginning the transition to retail, that is, to the B2C format. The offline format in the form of multifunctional logistics centers is the further continuation of Jumore’s expansion into the market.

The proposal by Jumore to build such a trade center in Astana is a sign of interest in the logistics and export potential of Kazakhstan from the side of the Chinese business. During the talks, the President of Jumore noted that for all countries registered on their electronic trading platform, participation is toll. But for Kazakhstan they provide special conditions. Our entrepreneurs can use the site for free for 6 months. This was one of the results of the memorandum signed with Jumore last year. Also, the President of the company Jumore showed an interest in participating in the program “Uly Dala Eli”.

In addition, cooperation with Jumore is an important tool for reaching an extremely promising market in China. Entry into the Chinese market involves a number of issues related to the specifics of the market, including the features of import regulation. Participation in Jumore allows to facilitate this output. Establishing cooperation, the company already works with such large companies as IFCA, KTZH, Kazpost, with akimats of Almaty and Astana, with Almaty Tech Garden. The entry of Kazakh companies into an electronic platform has just begun. But already now about 50 Kazakhstani companies are represented on Jumore. This, for example, paints “Alina”, Lepsin honey, etc. For reference: Jumore unites more than 60 thousand state-owned companies of China and is represented in 148 countries of the world. The trading turnover of the electronic platform Jumore in 2016 amounted to 160 billion dollars, and this year the turnover is expected to be about 800 billion dollars. The company’s activities cover cross-border e-commerce and logistics services in the following sectors: chemical, non-ferrous metals, minerals, energy, steel, and agricultural products. The advantage of the electronic trading platform “Jumore” is that the company actively implements the state strategy “One belt, one way” and promotes the development of the real sector of the economy, which makes Kazakhstan a priority partner for cooperation with this company.