“Almaty Heavy Machine Building Plant” JSC

“Almaty Heavy Machine Building Plant” Joint Stock Company (hereinafter «AHMBP» JSC) was founded on 17 November 1941 based out of three workshops at Lugansk Locomotive Building Plant, which relocated to Alma-Ata. In March 1942, the installation was completed and put into operation whereupon the plant started to produce armaments comprising bombs, mines and shells for the battlefront. In 1946, the plant switched to peacetime production and started to manufacture rolling equipment. In 1951, in addition to 84 types of products, the plant mastered production of drawbenches of 1/650, 1/750 and 6/350 specifications. In that year, the plant commenced its first export production. In 1982, the range of manufactured products of AHMBP exceeded 300 items, comprising various types of machinery and equipment and the products were exported to 32 countries, including the USA, Great Britain, France, Japan, Germany and others.

 Today, «AHMBP» JSC is ISO 9001-2008 certified, and is Kazakhstan’s leading engineering company with unique technology and staff. By focusing on the actual demands of customers, we offer efficient and practical solutions in combination with the high performance capabilities of our products. Many years of experience in production have led to the specialist competences of our experts. This allows «AHMBP» JSC to offer comprehensive programs for each individual order that we process, from the design stage through to production and servicing of products. «AHMBP» JSC produces a wide range of equipment and in addition, supplies equipment according to the specific drawings and specifications supplied by our Customers.