In West Kazakhstan region skills in the field of technical regulation were improved

 In Uralsk from May 21 to May 23 a branch of the RSE “KazInSt” held the budgetary training seminar on preparation and professional development of workers in the field of technical regulation, metrology and the systems of management.

More than 80 representatives of the enterprises and the organizations of the region among whom there are representatives of public authorities, specialists of the body for confirmation of compliance, testing laboratories, the enterprises and also teachers of higher education institution took part in the work of the seminar.

The main subjects were Agreements within EEU and features of application of technical regulations of CU / EEU “About safety of chemical products”, “About requirements to fire safety devices and fire extinguishing”.

Experts explained the requirements to processes of production, storage, transportation, realization, utilization and processing of chemical products. They covered a topic of ensuring compliance of means of fire safety and fire extinguishing to safety requirements, told about the rules of identification of fire safety devices and fire extinguishing, and also about monitoring of application of standards and an algorithm of interaction of National authority on standardization with subjects of standardization.

Also listeners studied provisions of the new Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “About Standardization” which came into force on April 11, 2019.

Representatives of large industrial enterprises were interested in questions of application of the international, regional, foreign standards and also in application of national standards in government procurement. Experts in details answered the questions concerning classification of chemical products told about ways of drawing precautionary marking and execution of the material safety data sheet of chemical products.