The energy-producing pavilion-simulator of Austria opened its doors in Astana

The pavilion of Austria was opened on the territory of the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017, the correspondent of MIA “Kazinform” reports. The country takes part in the exhibition under the slogan “Austria – with the mind, soul and strength of the muscles” in a game form. The area of 870 sq.m is equipped with various simulators, which produce energy, music and wind by exercises.

To watch the video about Austria, guests of the pavilion need to pedal all together. Moreover, pulling the ropes, riding on a swing and twisting the levers are necessary in order to light up the lights, twirl the scenery, make musical instruments playing.

It has also been demonstrated how difficult to produce electricity in order to boil a kettle, light a light bulb, do a click in the search engine on the Internet, start a plane or a car. According to the architects, the design draws attention to the potential of man, where only muscle power is used as an energy source. Despite the fact that there are a lot of companies in Austria that are engaged in high technologies and successfully work in this area, the pavilion’s creators believe that it is a man who determines what energy will be in the future.