500 thousand jobs in the sphere of “green” economy to appear in Kazakhstan

The government of Kazakhstan plans to see impressive results of ongoing reform on the transition to a “green” economy by 2050, reports MIA “Kazinform”.

“Currently, the Government is working on the third modernization of the economy of Kazakhstan. We plan that by 2050 in the framework of the “green” economy our reform will allow to increase the GDP of Kazakhstan by 3%, create more than 500 thousand new jobs, form new sectors of industry and services, improve the quality of life, “said the Prime- Minister of the RK Bakytzhan Sagintayev at the international forum on energy issues.

In his speech, he noted that today energy is a fundamental need of civilization. And at a new stage, it is of fundamental importance for the international community to not simply discuss the current situation, but to understand what kind of coordinated actions must be taken by the governments of different countries and international organizations to ensure sustainable development in the energy sector.

“There is a wise Kazakh proverb: ” Sown by fathers to reap the children. ” Today, we need new models for the global energy market, which should give an impulse to the development of the world economy, allow us to find a balance between economic development and the preservation of ecosystem of the planet. This, in my opinion, is our responsibility before the future and next generations, “Bakytzhan Sagintayev added.According to him, in resolving the task of building a new energy system around the globe, Kazakhstan stands for the dialogue of all stakeholders – governments, business, scientific community and international organizations – in the interests of promoting sustainable development policies.

Recall that in 2013, Kazakhstan adopted the concept of transition to a “green” economy, and in 2016 – committed itself to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement.

Source: https://forbes.kz