Seminar on local content issues held in Astana

June 21, 2017 NADLоC organized a seminar on local content issues. Elena Kalyuzhnova, a professor of the Kazakh-British Competitiveness Center, took part in the seminar.

In her presentation, the professor highlighted the classification of local content policies, problems related to local content issues, and international experience.

It was noted that currently there is no common view in scientific literature about the influence of protectionism policies. Namely, some authors say about the negative effect, while others argue that the protection of developing industries helps them to strengthen and, thus, become more competitive in the future.

The seminar participants were introduced to local content models in the North Sea and local content models in emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia.

As a result of the seminar, it was noted that there are significant differences in the results of local content. Some of them may relate to differences in policy timing, while others relate to the underlying macroeconomic and institutional differences that govern the functioning of the policy on the issue of local content and its potential to achieve growth in the sector and / or the economy as a whole.

The full version of presentation is available on the link.

Source: Association of Kazakhstan’s Machinery Industry