Tokamak is one of the central exhibits at EXPO-2017 exhibition

The unique project of Tokamak KTM will be the central exhibit at the EXPO 2017 exhibition. The launch of the system is planned for 9th June. It was anounced by Almas Ondakanov, akim of Kurchatov during a press conference in the Regional Communication Service of the East Kazakhstan region.

– We meet with you on the eve of the opening of the international exhibition EXPO 2017, where one of the main exhibits of the Kazakhstan pavilion will be a Tokamak. And we are happy to report that on 9th June, its official launch will take place,” as Mr. Ondakanov said.

The project “Creation of a Kazakhstani material testing Tokamak KTM” is one of the main priorities of the National Nuclear Center. At the international exhibition EXPO 2017 a tokamak will be presented in a separate pavilion.

It should be noted that the Tokamak KTM is the first specialized system for research and testing of materials for future thermonuclear, nuclear reactors and technologies.

– The Tokamak is a toroidal chamber, with magnetic coils, inside of which there is a heated plasma, with a temperature of several million degrees. The retention time of this plasma will be around 5 seconds. The problem of the Tokomak is the retention of this plasma. On 9th June during live teleconference with the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, we will get a real plasma on this Tokamak,” said Erbolat Koyanbaev, head of materials testing at the Branch of the Institute of Atomic Energy of the RSE NNC RK.

However, putting into operation of the unit is planned in late 2017 – early 2018.

As previously reported, the KTM project fully corresponds to the idea of ​​the international exhibition EXPO-2017. The idea is to draw attention to solutions and ways to manage sustainable energy sources aimed at combating global warming and climate change; Stimulation of the use of alternative energy sources; Reduction of environmental pollution and risk to human health; Reduction of fossil fuel consumption and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.