Prime minister named 5 directions Government work till 2021

During the tenth Astana Economic Forum, Prime Minister of Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev named the five main directions Government work until 2021, correspondent reports.

The head of the Cabinet made a speech during the session “Kazakhstan system diagnostics of the country” of the World Bank. According to him, currently the executive power is working within the framework of the Third Modernization program announced by the President.

“Currently the Government is actively working in five areas: accelerated technological modernization of the economy, coordinated improvement of the business environment, provision of productive employment, macroeconomic stability and improvement of the quality of human capital.” These are not simple tasks, but we must step-by-step reach economy growth of 5.5% by 2021″, – informed Sagintayev.

The head of the government also said that for five months the economy of Republic of Kazakhstan grew by 0.4%.

“We are working on preparation of country’s development plan until 2025, namely, the export and investment strategy, introducing the principles of project management. The Office of the Prime Minister and the central staff work in each ministry to reach a new level. There are now 8 main directions of our development: fuel-energy complex , Agribusiness, transportation and logistics, tourism, trade, education and healthcare, “he added.

The head of the Cabinet clarified that in each direction the target indicators have already been determined and each minister knows the chain of work. Moreover, the Government has also identified 4 cross-cutting industries linking all the others – financial stability, human capital, entrepreneurship and education.

“We are grateful to the World Bank for timely diagnostics. It should help the government to get an objective image, identify opportunities and risks. This is the main goal of our meeting today,” concluded Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

The capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan is hosting the Astana Economic Forum on June 15-16, which has become a single platform where the most pressing economic and social issues are discussed. The forum is a practical tool for business, allowing to overcome geographical and information boundaries. Each year, the AEF gathers more than 5,000 delegates from 80 countries around the world.