“EEC” JSC introduced new automation&monitoring system to operation

Employees of “Eurasian Energy Corporation” JSC have implemented an automated fuel accounting and transport monitoring system (AFATMS) for pilot operation.

Even now, EEC specialists observe the economy of fuel. In the long term, more precise observance of routes and operating modes of 391 units of road and rail transport and exclusion of inexpedient use of equipment are expected.

The monitoring system allows EEС specialists, who are hundreds of kilometers away from the transport, on-line and in the mode of delayed data transfer, to track its location, control the receipt and consumption of fuel, the operating time under load and at idle, and also the cases beyond the normative parameters area .

In order to acquire the system from Eurasia Telecom LLP, with which the Eurasian Energy Corporation has been cooperating for over 5 years, more than 351 million tenge has been allocated.

On the photo, Yury Pavlyukovsky, leading specialist of the Information Technology and Communication Department of “ECE” JSC in Aksu, watches 1000-10000000165 MKT-25.7 on the KAMAZ 43118 chassis number 680AD14 transport in the on-line mode on the territory of “Vostochniy” section

Source: PR service of “Eurasian Energy Corporation” JSC