At cruising speed

Meiram Pshembaev – Majilis deputy of RK Parliament, Chairman of the Union of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan

Thanks to the policy of industrialization, a new impetus was given to domestic electrotechnical engineering.

In a few days, one of the most important events for the country, the opening of the International Expo EXPO-2017, will take place in Astana. Leading experts from all over the world will come to the capital of Kazakhstan to discuss issues of accessibility, environmental friendliness, efficiency and economy of green energy.

Equipment for generating electricity from renewable sources (RES), ranging from solar panels, wind generators to complex aggregates for hydroelectric power stations and buoy-generators on the sea coasts, belongs to the branch of electrotechnical engineering, which is developing highly successfully in our country.

In the republic, the production of solar panels has been mastered, new plants for the production of new-generation transformers, innovative cables and other high-tech equipment have been established. Scientific work to develop modern battery batteries is underway at Nazarbayev University.

It is noteworthy that the volume of production of machine-building for January-April of 2017 amounted to 266 billion tenge, showing an increase of 3.3% compared to the same period last year. At the same time, the increase in the output of electrical engineering products for the above period was 26.3%. The main drivers of this growth were electrical transformers, whose production increased by 3.3 times, batteries – by 36.8%, lighting equipment – by 55.1%, high-voltage equipment – by 6.7%.

It should be emphasized that the domestic machine-building enterprises took a direct part in the organization of the exhibition. For example, two transformers with the capacity of 80 thousand kVA per 110 kV voltage were produced on the basis of a special order on “Kentau Transformer Plant”. Thousands of power engineers worked hard on the creation of these mega machines. In addition, the plant produced 90 dry transformers with cast insulation from 630 to 3 150 kVA for 20 kV for the needs of EXPO.

At present, the Union of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan is actively working to attract foreign direct investments and establish international cooperative ties. So, within the framework of the EXPO-2017 exhibition, the National Day of the Republic of Austria will be held on June 14, 2017, within the framework of which the 5th meeting of the Kazakh-Austrian Business Council will be held. Various aspects of cooperation in such areas as engineering, mining -metallurgical complex, chemistry, petrochemistry will be discussed on this meeting.

Over the past five years, Kazakh-Austrian cooperation demonstrates positive dynamics. The amount of investments in Kazakhstan from the Austrian side for the period of cooperation amounted to more than $ 4 billion. Among the major joint projects, we can note the construction of a plant on production of railway rails, which today replaces the bulk of the consumption of fittings and rails, as well as the modernization of the Shardarin HPP with a total project cost of 75 million euros.

Among the implemented projects, we can mention the delivery of sensor technologies for railways and cranes, the creation of a local service center for marine and mobile port cranes, including the Kashagan oil field and the Aktau port.

However, we shouldn’t stop at this moment of progress. Holding of the exhibition “EXPO-2017” is a significant moment in the history of sovereign Kazakhstan. The international community has entrusted the country to become the host of a global dialogue platform for the presentation of future technologies, technologies for taking care of nature, technologies that the future generation will live with.

The participants of the exhibition will have a unique opportunity to share the experience of innovative solutions not only in the field of renewable energy, but also in the field of advanced scientific thought. There will be new opportunities for further growth and development, especially for young domestic companies.

According to Harvard Business Review, newly starting enterprises are critically important for the development of innovations. An analysis of the most significant inventions of the twentieth century showed that more than half of them were young and small companies.

A big role is given to start-ups in growing industries, where the market has not yet settled. For example, it can be vividly seen in the sectors related to the development of biotechnology and the Internet. It worth to mention that Kazakhstan has also made some progress in these industries.

Returning to the topic of new drivers of growth and economic development, it should be said that the flywheel of industrialization, launched 10 years ago, has already gained cruising speed. On the wave of the Third modernization of Kazakhstan, domestic enterprises will be able to rapidly rise up on the innovative elevator.

Having shown its worth, the domestic machinery industry has convincingly proved that it can serve as a reliable and renewable source of economic growth.

Source: KazPravda